About Me

Oh hey there I'm a second year student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kerala. I'm a lot into 80's music and sci-fi movies, and a huge fan of The Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit and Silmarillion apart from that on the geek side I love web development, physics, quantum computing, and design thinking. I'm a lot into Free and Open Source Software and I'm also a Mozillian.

Quantum Computing

I can understand and create quantum algorithms using Qiskit and PyQuil, and has sufficent mathematical background

Web Development

I'm more interested in backend developement, my tech stack includes Python-Django, Flask. I also use Wordpress for website works.

80's Music

I'm huge fan of the 80's music, few of my favourite bands include Journey, Survivor, The Police and Scorpions

Contact Me

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